Run the Roadways was a 5K race planned by LaGuardia Redevelopment prior to the opening of the new Terminal B Headhouse. The newly constructed roadways would serve as the course, with the race terminating at the new headhouse. Despite it being cancelled due to COVID-19, I had a lot of fun putting together this branding concept with Kellie Radnis—check out a little bit of our process below.


Since the race itself was on LaGuardia's roadways, we looked for any architectural themes present for inspiration. We realized the stacked roadways leading up to the new headhouse were rather geometric and lent themself well to a playful graphic form.



Drawing inspiration from older LaGuardia Airport marketing materials, we also integrated a airplane into the background of the logo. After exploring a few options for the typeface, we settled on the playful yet neat AG Book Rounded Bold.

Run the Roadways_2


After working with our client, we decided to integrate some new visual landmarks, namely the LaGuardia Air Traffic Control tower and the Manhattan skyline visible from the new headhouse's frontage. Other visual elements from previous iterations were integrated with these elements to produce these designs. Soon after creating these concepts the race was cancelled, so there was no further work done.

Run the Roadways_3